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PP Strap


PP Strapping band

Due to the low costs and easy usage, polypropylene (PP) strapping tapes represent an excellent solution for packaging in most sectors of industry.
Band represents an excellent solution for binding light-weight products and pallets.

  • Band may be used both manually and by fully automated binding machines.
  • Band is not sensitive to water and does not cause rust.
  • Band is 100% recyclable.
  • For manual strapping with PP band, you can use manual binders, dispensers, clips and corner protectors.

Standard widths: from 5 to 15 mm
Standard thicknesses: from 0.35 to 0.9 mm
Standard tape colours: white, black, blue

Other colours are available at the customer's request. Band may be printed using up to three colours. Equipped with strapping band, your goods will be transported more safely, while you can also use for advertising and informative purposes, thus improving the reputation of your company.

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