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Textile and Composite Strap


Strapping Bands: Textile and Composite

Edit offers a wide selection of textile and composite bands, which belong among the strongest strapping bands.
Maximum Adaptability to the Bound Product

Textile bands are exceptionally soft and adapt perfectly to the shape of the product to be bound. Thus, we ensure excellent stability regardless of the product's shape, dimensions, etc.
An Excellent Solution for Binding Heavy-Weight Products with Sharp Edges
Composite bands represent a very good alternative to steel tapes and are an excellent solution for binding heavy-weight products with sharp edges. The tensile strength of the tape is up to 3,000 kg.
As an Alternative to Steel Bands, Textile and Composite Bands have the Following Advantages:
1. Cheaper than steel bands
2. Lighter in weight
3. Does not rust
4. Safer handling
5. It is strong
6. Fewer damaged products

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